Kiln Your Idols

by Vern Conmey (Could've)

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Second EP to be released just in time for summer.


released May 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Vern Conmey (Could've) San Francisco, California

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Track Name: May 19th (demo)
drunk in love and high on life
a microscopic chasm reached inside
and we brace to the edge we race to the end of our time
blurring out, the mileage counts, the speaker's fuzzing cry for

this target is coming down
this topic's not calming down

a kick in the ass or a kick in the head
makes no difference what the difference is
there were laws of science
...before there were scientists
and they'll remain there like remainders after we're all dead

the upside is coming down
a right fit doesn't make a sound

give me the shop key, give the pill
I've got a longing I need to fill
so in love with distance, this patience is pure
maddening with instance of symptoms to cure
Track Name: Hell is the Memory (Always On Your Mind)
there's no time like the present
really there's no time
and when I imagine heaven
I imagine it's too bright
'cause hell is a forever that doesn't let you cry
'cause hell is the memory always on your mind

life is the expanse of point B to D
a laugh at your expense with no finder's fee
a night spent in the hallway because you lost your key
woke up fully clothed in guilt built for your knees

hammering drinks to pry the nails holding you to some thought
one with the floor, sure you're unsure, but you're certain of the loss
you call out to Jesus, seeking a reason, leave a message, he isn't home
and the devil molests you with some regrets who leave you a mess when they're done
Track Name: If You Don't Want Me
we can't quit the quilt of fire
these cigarette burn memories
etched as deep as our desires
notched into our bones until they bleed

if you don't want me
give me time I'll give you what you want
if you don't want me
I'll set you free but only if I can come

steeped inside these stoked emotions
cut too close against the grain
what good are ships without an ocean?
what good are mouths, if we can't say?
and i'm for fighting, if the fighting
is for more than just last words
the path we're on could be self-righting
the future's who we are not who we were

it's only been a quarter century
so much damaged, so much built
glasses half full of half empty
for swallowing half our pill
but if we fill them with each other
cast aside all vacancies
share the shape, blend the colors
two as one as one as you and me

if you don't want me
give me time I'll give you what you want
if you don't want me
I'll set you free but only if I can come
you're the only part of me I ever want
Track Name: Finish the Story
whisper in a soft tone just loud enough to hear
singing all the wrong notes when the key becomes unclear
these long days are always wearing on my back
the struggle gets muffled, buried under laughs

how do you feel all right?
burning through the day to light the night
like some beacon of hopeless you hoped to never to be
can't edit the spaces left behind by you and me
baby, I'm asleep tonight, so finish the story
even though I closed eyes, keep reading for me

my body's an edge and that makes sense to me
held against some ledge it's suicide geometry
target practice, been taking shots for years
at myself, my health and happiness and peers

how do you feel uptight?
with lips so loose and an open mind
it's the framework for an abstract perfect storm
making out in raindrops cleansing who you were
maybe I caused grief tonight, I've never been boring
achievements mirror the strife, blue skies storming

our blood is not the fuel, our soul it has no spark
friends are just a compass, asterisks of where we are
it's great to never grow up and it sucks to never die
because a plant that never flowers is a weed one way described
these hallways are always endless as they stretch
from Monday to someday, lived this life, what's next?